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Mixity DEIS

The first diversity, equity and inclusion certification*

Mixity has teamed up with Deloitte to launch Mixity "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Standard**" (DEIS), the first global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion certification for companies, non-profit organisations and schools.

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Demonstrate your progress on diversity, equity and inclusion

The Mixity "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Standard**" (DEIS) certification* is designed to assess the maturity of organisations' diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, based on the Mixity 360 DEI assessment framework.

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6 dimensions

Transversal, Gender Equality, Disability, Origins, Generations, LGBTQIA+
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46 criteria

Expert analysis of your practices and commitments
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3 levels

3 levels of certification depending on the assessment results

Why assess your progress on DE&I?

Increasing the effectiveness of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) policies while improving the well-being of each and every individual has become a strategic challenge for every organisation.

To achieve this, HR and CSR teams need to review their current situation and benefit from expert advice so as to anticipate risks and ensure continuous improvement.

That's the whole purpose of the Mixity DEIS certification process, designed with the expertise of Deloitte's teams, which offers a solid framework for progress.

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What is Mixity DEIS?

An expert process designed with Deloitte***

The certification process includes an analysis of the progress made by an organisation having already carried out a Mixity Diag assessment and wishing to demonstrate its performance and results.

Mixity DEIS gives Deloitte teams the means to certify the development of diversity, equity and inclusion practices and performance on 6 dimensions: Transversal, Gender equality, Disability, Origins, Generations, LGBTQIA+.

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3-step process

Mixity assessment carried out using the Mixity Diag solution
Deployment of the DE&I action plan within the organisation over 6 to 18 months
Mixity DEIS certification* after 6 or 18 months (Deloitte Conseil analysis)

Benefits of Mixity DEIS certification*

Mixity DEIS certification* adds further recognition to certified organisations by enhancing the credibility and recognition of their actions, while also providing them with DE&I indicators to use in their extra-financial performance.

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Assess your progress

In-depth analysis of your DE&I practices
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Available to all

A certification* suited to all sectors
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National recognition of inclusive practices

A common standard for measuring your social impact
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Collaboration with Deloitte

An external third-party assessment expert to certify your performance

Testimonial by Deloitte

The Mixity DEIS certification* methodology has been designed together with Deloitte Conseil France teams, who are mandated to carry out a complete assessment of your DE&I commitments.

* Mixity's DEIS (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Standard**) certification, in collaboration with Deloitte Conseil, consists of a procedure for assessing an organisation's practices in terms of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The assessment is based on a questionnaire, co-constructed by Mixity and Deloitte Conseil, which includes an analysis of documentation supporting the organisation's answers to the questionnaire. It is by no means an assessment framework based on an institutional standard. It is a "third-party certification" in which compliance is verified by an external body, Deloitte Conseil, or an expert partner referenced by Mixity. The assessment is based on data provided by the organisation. Deloitte Conseil or the Mixity expert partner only performs tests and verifications without carrying out an in-depth audit of this data. Deloitte Conseil or the Mixity expert partner therefore accept no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the data. This procedure results in the attribution of a level of maturity (Certified, Advanced or Expert), depending on the level of implementation of the measures and on the results obtained demonstrating the implementation of the organisation's DE&I policy. For the organisation, this assessment process aims to make its commitment to DE&I visible and tangible.

** Standard stands for compliance with the assessment framework developed by Mixity and Deloitte Conseil.

*** Excluding companies audited by Deloitte.

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